About HAMdj:

Robbert-Jan van der Plas aka HAMdj is born at the 11nd of June 1980. When he was 9 his sister gave him his first vinyl, Turn up the Bass 1, and it was then he was hooked on the house virus.

Always listening to the fresh new beats. Because he liked it so, he decided around 1993 to save money to buy the records he liked and trying to mix them on 1 turntable (without pitch control) and 1 cd player.

At the age of 13 he also visited his first house party (Nightmare in Rotterdam) and then he knew it for sure, he wanted to be a DJ!

Robbert bought more and more vinyl and when he was 14 he asked the DJ at a local disco ('T Jok) in Katwijk if he may spin some records.

For 3 years he was one of the hardest DJ's in the club and people from all over Katwijk came to listen and dance on his hardcore beats. In the same time he visited some other discos in Katwijk (de Wiek, de Mijlpaal and de Scum) and Valkenburg (de Peuk).

Robbert spinned his records in De Wiek and De Scum. He stopped as resident at 'T Jok when he was 17. (This was a disco for people from 12 till 16 years old)

He already joined the crew at De Scum at that time and when he was about 17 he spinned his first gig on the house in a De Scum party when he was about 20 years old.

They asked him to be a resident DJ and at about 24 when he became one of the people who organised the parties.

From 2007 to 2011 he also has his own night, once a month on a Friday, the Friday night House Café at De Scum, Katwijk.

Since 2000 he also had a lot of gigs in the Bollenstreek in the Netherlands at the Massive Bass, Hurricane, Hard Magni, Hard Friday, Frensie's Palace and Underground Shock parties.

He also spinned many records at some local radio stations. And was the founder of the Housenacht, a radio show on a Friday from 22:00 till 06:00 at radio Mebora in Rijnsburg about 4 times a year. This show was hosted by 2 friends of HAMdj and gave local talent the chance to perform live the whole night.

The show stopped because the station stopped and the hosts moved to another station where there wasn’t any room for the night filling show!

Robbert earned an invite on the Old School Generation on Radio Fresh FM hosted by DJ Norman where he spinned some Old School vinyl sets. Also been a resident at D.O.T.F. radio. An internet old school radio station where the rules are "Fuck Hokjes" so there will be mostly spinned underground old school records.

Other residents of the show are DJ Sneaky-d (founder of the station), Jeff London, DJ Vince and DJ Stylo. Unfortunately the show stopped after 10 years.

Since 2011 things where running a bit slower due of the birth of his daughter Yara in November 2011, his son Finley in September 2013 and daughter Jaxy in February 2015.

He stopped with Scum in 2011 after an 11 year residency. Bookings went down and he didn't preformed a lot after that.

Robber played a few small parties like the Early Ravers United parties.

Robbert's biggest gigs since then where Fucking Bastards in Culemburg in 2012 and Vinyl Syndrome V · Limited Edition Moscou Russia in 2016.

Nowadays due of Facebook Groups and Facebook Live more and more sets are being broadcasted around the web.

He has done 4 shows on Hard Shock radio Italy, mostly Early Hardcore and has an Early Hardcore residency at The Hardest Alliance show on Toxic Sickness.

Robbert recently has been asked to do an vinyl Podcast on Puinzooi Podcasts (100% vinyl shows), and has his residency show on Annihilation playing Crossbreed, Industrial & Millenium Hardcore.

From now on for Robbert #ItsAllAboutTheMusic and you will be hearing a lot more great music in the future.

Genres: Hardcore / Old School / Classics / Early Hardcore / Early Hardstyle / Freestyle

Country: Netherlands

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