DJ Dissect

Genres: Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore, Terror

Country: UK


For all lovers of the harder sounds, DJ Dissect is here to entertain you!

With a variety of old school hardcore/ early terror and new age hard sounds.

Sash started raving in Bristol for around 3 years which is where she discovered hardcore techno and terror for the first time.

At first she admits she was scared of it, but she grew to absolutely love it.

She decided her passion was the music and she would become a DJ and be the one to provide an epic night for the ravers.

Sash covers many styles in her mixing but her main passion is of the industrial hardcore sound.

Sash admits she is still in the early stages of her career having joing Girls Like It Hard after only a few months of being a Bedroom DJ

Watch this space! This girl is pure FIRE!