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Problem Frequency

London based Mainstream Hardcore, Industrial, Uptempo and Frenchcore DJ. Co-found of Hardcore London Residencies for Hardcore London and Annihilation.

Grew up listening to Black and Death Metal until introduced to hardcore music in 2001 with Ultraviolence's track Hardcore Motherfucker, quickly finding Speedcore and artists like Noisekick and the Industrial Strength Records compilation cds, moving on to the dutch hardcore scene and becoming obsessed with that hard kick and its dark, aggressive sound.

Started DJing strictly on vinyl in 2003, playing Uk Hardcore, Freeform, Dutch Hardcore, Frenchcore, Hard Tekno and Hardstep/Skullstep dnb, playing at Nottingham free parties for Hot Point Sound System, Urban Decay and Riggor Mortis, as well as various nights dotted around the city.

Started raving around the same time, attending HTID, Uproar, Raverbaby and other nights at least twice a month around the north and midlands. Spending all night in the techno room, regularly seeing Scorpio, Producer, Vortex, Hellfish etc.

At the start of 2017, having moved back to London a couple of years before and not been DJing for a few years due to refusing to go digital, I found a pair of CDJ200’s in the bins out the back of my flat and took it as a sign I needed to get back on it.