Genres: Terror / Industrial / Crossbree / Breakcore / Speedcore / Jungle / Hardcore / Raw / Freestyle/ Early

Country: Netherlands


About Carpenoctum:

Carpenoctum Got In Touch With Hardcore, Really Young This Because His Dad Had A Lot Of Thunderdome Cd's In The 90'S. Later On The Age Of 15, He Started To Listen To Harder Forms Of HardcorE. Not Much Later He Was Addicted To Industrial, Terror, Speedcore & Hardcore. Harder music Became A Major Part In His Life, At The Age Of 19 He Decided To Start Producing, 2 Years Later In 2013 He Had His First Booking As Carpenoctum On Best Of The West, Around The Begin Of 2016. Carpenoctum Decided To Invest A Lot In New Studio Gear, Which Resulted In Bookings In Different Countries. He Played At Parties Such As: Noisekick's Terrordrang, Terror Antverpiam Planet Of DRRR 4, And Back From The Grave Part 2.

Carpenoctum His Style. Is Dark And Unique, His Favorite Styles To Produce And Play Are Terror,Industrial ,Speedcore & Breakcore. He Is Currently Working On His First Album.

You Can Expect A Lot Of Different Tracks In 4 Different Genre's