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Antisocial Terror.

The year 2002.

I bought my first decks. Playing anything hard I found myself playing all the mainstream hardcore and anything in between.

As I found my groove and ventured playing out at events I started under the name Asbo (hence where Antisocial Terror stems from). Getting residency’s at UK Hardcore Energy, Hardcore is the future, Power Hour and Revibe things were looking up.

The year 2008.

The Gabber Scene in the UK was growing and more haters come with it. Techno rooms were no longer hosting second rooms at events and bookings ended up dropping to once a week, to once a month unless you played UK Hardcore (Happy Hardcore). I found no fun in this and found myself starting my own event Rehab.

The year 2018.

The Rebirth of Rehab and also Asbo going under a whole new name Antisocial Terror. Antisocial Terror is exactly what it says on the tin. Expect an Antisocial Sound causing mass Terror on all dance floors.

Keep and eye out for up and coming solo tracks and collabs, vs mixes and much more.

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