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Annihilation is an artist platform. We support and promote artists of the harder genres of rave music. Covering styles from Rawstyle, Hard Techno, Uptempo Hardcore through Frenchcore, Industrial, Crossbreed, Terror and many more styles and genres.

At Annihilation we believe talent can be learnt but passion for the music comes from within a person and counts for much more.

Annihilation is about discovering new talent as much as it is supporting current artists.

If you'd like to join Annihilation, get in contact with us or send us your music please get in contact here: peterwhitepromotions.com/about

Email info@PeterWhitePromotions.com for more info

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Annihilation Xtreme

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Annihilation Xtreme is about the most extreme styles of undeground rave music and is the sister brand of Annihilation, taking you to places most would never dare step!

Boldy leading the way into the most extreme styles of underground and rave music Annihilation Xtreme covers everything from Terror & Speedcore through to Splittercore, Flashcore, Extratone and virtually anything else.

Annihilation Xtreme puts no limits on BPM's or music styles and welcomes all kinds of extreme and experimnetal music.




Girls Like It Hard

#ItsAllAboutTheMusic #GirlsLikeItHard

Girls Like It Hard is the more feminine side to the brutality Annihilation brings.

Girls Like It Haard supports female artists from around the world representing all genres of music with no fear of proving that the girls can do just as good.. If not better Than the boys!

We are currently looking for new female residents to join our ever growing Annihilation family.

Join us and prove the girls can play just as hard if not harder than the boys!

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Peter White Promotions

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Peter White Promotions is the founder of Annihilation, Annihilation Xtreme & Girls Like It Hard.

Peter White is a photographer, graphich designer & rave promoter.

Peter has been working in the rave scene since 2006 as a photographer & promoter.

Peter's journey in harcore started with the UK Hardcore scene as a photogrpaher and music loving wild raver who would spend most of his spare time looking for the enxt party.

Peter's love of music evolved with a love of the harder & more extreme styles of rave music, since the very first time he heard a gabber beat Peter has been hooked on these electronic beats.

For graphic design & logo work, photography bookings or other enquiries about what Peter White Promotions can offer you please email: info@peterwhitepromotions.com

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The History of Annihilation

Always seeking new challenges and wanting to give back to the scene what the scene has given to him over the years Peter White created Annihilation in 2014 as a view to promoting harder genres in the UK.. Annihilation soon evolved onto a more global level and the passion for the music fueled a rapid growth for Annihilation. As Annihilation grew Peter White found more and more opportunity to support up and coming artists with this new brand he called Annihilation.

Annihilation as a name began many years before the form which it is in today, originating back to before 2010 as an idea between a close friend and fallen hardcore soldier Clint. Simply to put on a very small local rave in a pub with local gabber DJ's. Annihilation in it's form today is still a dedication to an idea between 2 friends and cherished memories Peter will never forget.

Now Annihilation is just simply all about the music, supporting the artists who love and appreciate it as much as he does and giving something more to the people who enjoy the music.

Peter White Promotions mission statement with Annihilation is to share the music to new audiencs, to give new music to those who love the hardcore sound, to help spread the lesser known genres to new ears and to support artists of all genres from grass roots.